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Here are pictures of some of the custom gun work currently done by J.C. Blauvelt
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Revolver machined to accept full-moon clips, showing machined cylinder without the full-moon clip.

Cylinder with clip and shells inserted. Clip sits in recess, so it looks just like a regular cylinder.

AR pre-ban reciever with bushed pin holes. ATF will not allow pre-ban receivers to be replaced with post-ban ones in the event they get worn, and still allow the gun to be considered "pre-ban". In this case, the pin holes became eliptical due to shooting, causing the pins to fall out. So, the holes were bushed to bring them back to round, allowing the gun to maintain its pre-ban status.

Same as above, close up view.

New York State compliance work done on an AR-15

Lever action Tactical Rifle. Polished action, Muzzle brake, scout scope rail, forward mount dot sight, black teflon coating on all parts inside and out for total rust proofing, large loop lever, barrel and magazine tube shortened, black synthetic stock and forend.

Same as above, different view showing other side.

Here are pictures of some of the guns that were custom built by J.C. Blauvelt.
(Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image)

Turbo action, Lilja 1-17 twist tight bore stainless Calfee taper barrel, McMillian EDGE stock green and yellow swirl and clear coated, Custom barrel tuner, Jewell trigger, Sightron scope in Kelbly rings.

40X rimfire action, Hart HV stainless barrel 1-16 twist, McMillian bench rest stock painted in dark green with sparkles and clear coated, Jewell trigger, Weaver scope in Burris live center rings, Custom barrel tuner.

Custom Bowling Pin Revolver

"Master Blaster" - Custom Semi-Auto Pin Shotgun. 10-round magazine, compensator, finished in Black Teflon. Tweaked for speed-loading and firing

"Master Blaster" - Front View showing compensator and extended magazine tube

"Wet Work Warrior" - Night sights, Brown blended beavertail grip safety, Gunsight brand drop safety, beveled mag well, tightened and lapped frame and slide, Wilson barrel and bushing, dehorned, then finished inside and out with black Teflon.

PPC Revolver - slab barrel, Aristocrat sight rib and under rib.

PPC Revolver - Round barrel and Aimpoint brand dot scope.

6" Long Slide Parabellum. Caspian slide and frame, Briley full ramp barrel and titanium sphere bushing, Brown beavertail, cut checkered frame front and back, Aristocrat tri-set rib, magwell, extended safety, speed lock hammer and firing components.

Race Gun in .45 ACP- STI Frame, Caspian slide, 3-port compensator, carbon-fiber scope mount. All the bells and whistles.

Custom Semi-Auto in 9mm Para - Les Bauer frame and slide, Briley barrel and bushing, buried Bomar sights, Brown beavertail grip safety. Meets PPC Distinguished Specs.

Ruger Custom 10/22 - Volquartsen synthetic thumbhole stock, custom 21" heavy barrel, Bentz chambered, custom-made cantilever scope mount, 2 lb. trigger.

Caspian Custom .45 ACP - Limited Class Caspian frame and slide, Briley barrel and bushing, buried Bomar sights, Brown beavertail grip safety.

Lightweight Carry Commander - Bar-Sto barrel and bushing, buried MMC rear sight with fiber-optic front, dehorned, Brown beavertail grip safety.

Ruger GP-100 Plate Gun - Custom barrel and scope mount.

Custom Browning Hi Power Bullseye Gun - Carbon-fiber scope mount, Bo-Mar barrel, 3 lb. trigger.


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Interested in having any of the above custom work done on YOUR gun? Please feel free to contact us! We do all of the above custom work and MUCH more!

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